Big Sur List preview 1 - 5 lines not working

I just setup my wife’s her new desk with a Mac mini M1 running Big Sur.
She complains that the list preview is only showing the name and subject.
Changing the preferences to more lines doesn’t work, I checked on my iMac running Big Sur and noticed the same problem.
I rebuild the Mail database, eradicated every plist related to Mail to no avail.

Is this a common bug? Did anyone here fix it is so how ?


Is this occurring on every message? I read on that sometimes shows odd behavior in previewing HTML messages. You could test this by setting your mail client to compose in plain text and sending her a message.

“This is not a bug in any way. Many email senders (usually mass mailers, ads, corporate info) will put a plain text message at the head of the webpage specifically for the purpose of seeing it in preview.”

Thanks for your quick reply :grinning:

Unfortunately its happening to all the emails.

So strange there is the option to show 1 - 5 lines. It used to work but now it doesn’t. 2 different computers accounts etc.

All our other Macs are still on Mojave. Need to check on other Macs that have been upgraded to Big Sur if they also have the same problem.

I have submitted a bug report with Apple.

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