Big Sur Menu Bar Spacing

I am concerned with the increased menu bar spacing on Big Sur as I have an embarrassing number of items in my menu bar.

Does anyone know if the spacing automatically adjusts as you add more items? What happens if you add so many that they no longer fit (assuming you are not using Bartender)? Is there any way to customize or reduce the spacing between menu bar items?

The spacing is fixed. In apps that have menus that collide with menu bar items, the latter get covered up.

I’m using Bartender, haha.


That’s a huge bummer. Any hope for some solution other than bartender - like a third party app with auto-adjusting spacing or tabbed menu bar or two row menu bar?

Surely I am not alone in being frustrated here.

Well maybe I asked too soon

The beta version of Bartender 4 seems very interesting and may address many of these issues


I did try the new Bartender beta - huge improvement - makes menu bar on Big Sur infinitely more usable


I started by removing the items already in the control centre like WiFi, BT - Amazing they have been there all this time, but I hardly use them at all (working from home). Even if you need them, they are just a clikc away.

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