Black Friday (and beyond!) deals thread!

Maybe ask the developer? Or trial it yourself?

When I got it for my Mac I simply pointed it towards my 30Gb+ Documents folder and it essentially created one giant QuickLook-powered Finder replacement, I could sift through, lol, without needing to first add a single document into a proprietary database. Here I am a few levels down in my Documents folder (I see I should have put my Wicker Man file in the ‘Horror’ sub-sub-subfolder):

Target has the HomePod for $249.99 ($100 off).


More Anker price drops: in addition to the 60w Type-C charger I mentioned above that dropped to $29.99 on Amazon from $39.99 (a deal that remains ongoing), this morning Amazon dropped the price of the Anker 30w USB-C charger to $17.99, down from $26.99

Huh. I tried to buy the HomePod from Target and get this:

“Sorry, this can’t be shipped to your zip code. We work hard to offer the same selection to all our guests, but some items have shipping restrictions based on zip code.”

It’s also not available in my local store. So… I guess no HomePod for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I saw that message with the white HomePod, but when I switched my selection to Space Gray I was able to order (and it showed the white model as out of stock).

Now it’s showing both colors as out of stock though.

Tried both colors and even tried my Mom’s zip code, but no stock in any of them.

Oh well. I guess I’m not getting a HomePod. $250 was still more than I wanted to spend, and $350 is definitely out of the question.

B&H Photo is currently re-offering a limited supply of the HomePod in both its black or white color options for $249. That’s where I got my $249 HomePod last month. I’ve bought from B&H for three decades, I think. One of the best retailers around. Grab it while you can.

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StackSocial is offering discounts: $5 off $50 with SAVEGREEN5, $15 off $100 with SAVEGREEN15, $25 off $250 with SAVEGREEN25

Also via StackSocial, Keyboard Maestro - currently listed on sale there for $19 - can be purchased right now for $15.20 (57% off) at checkout with promo code: GREENMONDAY20


Thanks! I was able to snag one of these!

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Congrats! :tada::clinking_glasses:

Just don’t be surprised if ‘Update’ in the Home app (either on Mac or iOS) tells you you need a 2Gb HomePodOS update…

Thanks @bowline, that’s a nice deal on KM!

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If you or anyone else goes for it, you might find this article and this one to be helpful in starting out.

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It seems this is the thread to put deals even thought BF is long over.

StackSocial has been having a $69 deal on Setapp. If you go to the site, you’ll see a 15% discount code (Merry15) at the top. It seems there was a 20% code a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I just got a 1-year subscription to Setapp for $58.65. With Mindnode added the other day and some others that I was always curious about that were added this year, I decided it was worth trying again. I think I did a month or two over a year ago.

I just noticed that on Twitter!

I use MindNode for most of my mindmapping. It’s a great app, easier to use than iThoughtsX (which I also own, and which was already part of Setapp, I believe) and well-supported.

Could we ask a moderator to pin this discussion? @RosemaryOrchard? @MacSparky? It would make it easier to get back to it each time I visit the site.
Renaming it just “Deals” seems like a good idea too.

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There’s a new thread already for this month, and as of next year there will be a new thread auto posted every month closing the old one. Pinning does not keep a thread at the top of a board once you have read it so bookmarking it or watching it (at the bottom of the thread on the left) is probably simplest.

The new thread is here: December 2018 Software Deals thread