Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 - Share your findings

I am intrigued by the application but unfortunately, without a mobile version it is a no go for me. I need to be able to move between devices.

… and so?

Tired of dealing with tech?

I’ve got a BlackSheepFriday21 coupon on my on-line store.

5% off everything. Buy some yarn and knit or crochet for a while. Or do some really old tech, spinning from roving. :grin: I can ship everything but the meat to anywhere in the US. Sorry, not to other countries though.

Desert Weyr On-line store

PS although our wool is technically software it’s not really soft. More a medium soft.


I apologize but I don’t understand.

Isn’t every friday “black friday” at Desert Weyr? :laughing:


Paste (one of the apps featured in MPU 615: The Clipboard Manager Roundup) is currently on sale.

p.s. If you’re a Setapp subscriber, you already have access to this app.


Pretty much, Actually Tomorrow is going to be a really good Black Friday for 2 of the rams. They go into the breeding pens tomorrow morning. :grin: :grin:

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Any discount for setapp?

Here: November 2021 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals - #21 by Larry_Wilson

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Check here: November 2021 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals - #42 by Aschen

Using the code on github setapp is around 42 dollars for a year, hope it’s not too good to be true

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Now through November 30, Readle is advertising 50% off the first year subscription on PDF Expert for iOS and iPad. Also 50% discount on the one-time license for PDF Expert for macOS.

15 key Elgato stream deck door $99


thanks but I cannot work out how to get this discount. I downloaded and used this in the 2-week trial. Should I cancel the current subscription (which I do not have to pay until the trial period ends) in the app store and start a new one again?

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Ableton has a 25% off sale -

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I’m not sure. Best to check with the developer on this one.

What’s you damage so far? Mine is small:

  • iStat Menu 6 for $3
  • Macrium Reflect (Windows backup software) for $35
  • Games - The Elder Scroll Online Blackwood for $14

I am still thinking whether I want to buy PDF Expert for $40

I have to say, others definitely report positive experiences - but when I demo’d PDFExpert last Spring (Mac Mini 2018, Big Sur) it mangled two very important documents I was working on. At least two separate requests to their support people for help figuring out what was going on were met with the sound of silence. They kept sending me the emails in their autoresponder sales sequence talking about how they were “happy to help” if I had questions, but I never heard anything back.

Thanks for your input. I will keep that in mind. A paid software that does not have responsive dev is a concern. I worked with a lot of scanned contracts and I need to highlight certain paragraphs. I trial-ed PDF Expert and it’s highlight features, much like Preview’s highlight, only works with PDFs which are, I am not sure how to say it, Word documents converted to PDF. If it is a scanned document, the highlight button does not work. I have to use a “rectangle box” and change it’s opacity to make it work. If that is the case, Preview does this as well at $0 cost. Maybe I will still stay with Preview.

Abbyy FineReader for Mac (arguably the best OCR for Mac) is 60% off - Deal of the year: 60% off FineReader PDF and includes 1 year of finereader for mobile

DEVONthink 25% off - DEVONtechnologies | Black Friday Weekend


I was supposed to shop for apps but blew my budget on books and vinyl. Oh well, I probably don’t need them yet.