Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What did you actually buy?


I appreciate all the bargains that have been brought to my attention through this forum.

I think, it will be useful and overall a fun exercise to list the things you actually ended up buying.

For me, so far:

  1. Audioengine A2+
  2. Orbitkey Desk Mat Large
  3. Orbitkey ID holder Pro
  4. Orbitkey Nest
  5. Carpio 2 wrist rest by DeltaHub
  6. Fire TV Max 4K
  7. Paste App subscription
  8. iStat Menu Family Pack
  9. Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 65L in sage
  10. -

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I wrote a blog post about it too:

Pro tip. If you’re thinking about ordering two of the Carpio wrist rests, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a second at 50% off after you checkout with the first. (So I canceled my first order of a left and right at full price, and created a new order.)


So far, Alfred Power Pack - Single License, at regular price, no discount :smiley:


I’ve said it in the Black Friday thread but since then I have had new purchases, so here goes:

  1. iStat Menu for $3
  2. PDF Expert for $30 (via stack social)
  3. Macrium Reflect 8 for $35 (Windows 10 backup software)
  4. Dice by PCalc for $1 (iOS)
  5. The Elder Scroll Online: Blackwood (video games) for $13

I think I am good for now, unless Cyber Monday has some really good goodies!

The Samsung G9 was finally under my limit, so I bought that. That’s about it, I’m pretty lucky to have most of what I want already :slight_smile:

I bought:
AaBbyy fine reader for Mac (discovered the discount here :pray:)
Curio (here too!)
Some iPhone paraphernalia

I purchased a power bank with an AC outlet for my MBP. It was discounted to $110. Hoping being more free to work in the great outdoors will help me clock in more work hours. But might also have been an impulse buy related to a power outage in my area during Black Friday. :sweat_smile:

Bought a few more things :frowning:

  1. Grammarly thanks to @Dawfnls
  2. PastePal thanks to @gxwilso
  3. Moment Tripod Mount for MagSafe
  4. Moment Wall Mount for MagSafe
  5. Moment Multi Threaded Mount for MagSafe
  6. SwitchPod Tripod
  7. Adidas Hot Yoga Mat
  8. Samsung Z Flip3

I want to improve my mobile photography game.

The only impulse purchase was the Orbitkey Nest and the Samsung Flip3, which I may be returning. Since I was in the market for a new work phone, I figured I rather carry this one in its cool form factor. I bought it from Costco because of their flexible returns policy.

Pastepal (thanks for the tip @gxwilso )
Pushcut, not even sure that was on sale :slight_smile: - just wanted more options!

Paperlike screen protector (amazon deal)
2 Eufy cams (amazon again)

I bought:
Little Snitch
Samsung 2Tb T7 drive

I bought this on Saturday but somehow forgot about it:

  • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds… 40% off Amazon lighting deal

I run on the treadmil and if the noise cancelling are better on these compared to Airpods Pro, I most certainly want to give it a go.

the most annoying thing about running on a treadmil is the noise it creates

I bought Pixelmator Pro- half off, so I grabbed it!

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this year, I am trying to evaluate whether the black friday purchases were an impluse buy or something I actually use which I got it at a cheaper price. Therefore, I wrote a post with an update on each product:


  • Audioengine A2+: Amazing, best computer speakers I have ever had. The red colour is beautiful :+1::star_struck:

  • Orbitkey Desk Mat Large: returned

  • Orbitkey ID holder Pro: have not been to the office, so yet to be used

  • Orbitkey Nest: still in the box. I bought it for my office, but I am still working from home

  • Carpio 2 wrist rest by DeltaHub: my wrists are thanking me. Highly recommended :+1:

  • Fire TV Max 4K: so much better than Apple TV, excellent remote and at a fraction of the price :+1:

  • Paste App subscription: yet to be used, cancelled renewal

  • iStat Menu Family Pack: installed it on my Mac mini server.

  • Peak Design Travel Duffel pack 65L in sage: used it during my recent trip :star_struck:

  • Grammarly: a helpful tool for writers

  • PastePal: yet to be used

  • Moment Tripod Mount for MagSafe: used with the SwitchPod Tripod👍

  • Moment Wall Mount for MagSafe: I have not found a use for it yet

  • Moment Multi-Threaded Mount for MagSafe: I have not found a use for it yet

  • SwitchPod Tripod: incredibly built and very handy :+1:

  • Adidas Hot Yoga Mat: sadly not used yet.

  • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: best noise-cancelling in-ear headphones (better than AirPods Pro). Use it daily on the treadmill :+1:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (sale price too good to ignore): Returned

  • - I haven’t built my profile yet, but the slack community is awesome :star_struck: