Blank (solid red) notification badges iPad

Since installing the latest iPadOS update I am seeing blank (solid red) notification badges in the dock, iPad Pro 10.5. It happens with both Apple and 3rd party apps. Currently,

  • App Store app (I just updated all apps, so should be null or zero, the app icon on the home screen does not show a badge). The blank badge in the dock persists even after turning off badges for the app in Settings.

  • Yahoo Mail (should be non zero).

Similar pattern with other apps from time to time. I’ve restarted the iPad and fooled with notifications, no joy.

Anybody else seeing this?


I’ve seen it, but I’m running an iPad Air 2.

Unfortunately all I can say is ‘me too’. I think it’s only happened since 13.4 (or maybe 13.4.1). I don’t know what the red dot indicates.

I’ve also been seeing this on a litany of apps since updating to 13.4. I remember this being a glitch in some developer and public betas in the past but I’ve never before seen it in production i/iPadOS.