Blocking ads on Mac

any idea how much it is? It’s not stated on their website … I’d rather know in advance before using a trial. But it makes me a bit suspicious that they aren’t more upfront about pricing (i.e. not clear at all). They are not the only app that does this … but it time it pushes me away from using the app.

The prices are shown on the Mac App Store page.

From what I can tell, AdGuard are incorporated in Cyprus and subject to the EU GDPR.

They do have developers in Moscow, but also support team members in Ukraine.


@MevetS Sorry I don’t see any prices there also. I can “get” it and it states there are in-app purchases. But I’m not finding any details about those extra purchases. Are they actually listed?

These are the prices I get (in Europe):

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thanks so much. i’ll give it a try

I’ve read as much on reddit. They started in Russia but have devs in Ukraine, too, their headquarters are in Cyprus now.

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That’s good to know; especially the GDPR part.

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Here is the web site: ‎1Blocker: Ad Blocker & Privacy on the App Store

Scroll down to the Information section:

This is also shown in the Mac App Store page.

Of course, the prices will vary based on country, which is why I didn’t add them directly to my original response. :slight_smile:

And no, I don’t know why there are so many things labeled “Premium”. :man_shrugging:

Hope this helps.

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That’s why I often find these App Store listings not very useful; they seem to contain many historical prices that are no longer relevant/available (blaming Apple; not the developer or you).

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@MevetS Thanks so much. Yes, I had scrolled all the way down but did not notice the little down button. Got it now.

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Regarding the moral doubts: others already have answered and I want to leave it at that. I personally have no moral doubts. Also because of their history, because of their transparency and just because (AdGuard · GitHub). :slight_smile:

Then again, no matter what service you use with regards to privacy:

  1. Everything that is being controlled by somebody else is being controlled by somebody else! Follow the money and choose the developer with whom you are comfortable with.

  2. There is a difference between blocking ads on the one hand and using their DNS solution for ALL of your traffic. I am fine with using their plugins helping me to block ads (and they do a great job without messing up websites). I do not see myself using a DNS server for this purpose. Not only because of trust issues but also because of performance. I do not have the need to change my DNS because of ads. There are other solutions that fit my needs. Like plugins and me being aware of what services I use and how I do so.

  3. Pi-hole is the way to go if privacy is a top priority. You control everything. Which is good. But you HAVE TO control everything (and update stuff and what not). That is something I do not want to do as of now. Then again, Pi-hole sounds great and it looks great, too.

Regarding 1Blocker: I have used 1Blocker for years. It is nice, too. I stumbled into issues especially with a lot of local websites. Yes, it is an option to disable 1Blocker for those sites. And yes, there are other options. But AdGuard just works for me. It just works. And I like that a lot. Again, 1Blocker is nice, too. :slight_smile:


Any thoughts on Wipr? It’s not quite as good as AdGuard, but it seems kinda indie and cool and I’ve been using it.

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@johnkree - I recently posted about two of these issues recently.

I am thinking of using this solution myself on my Synology. I am, however, afraid performance-wise. Would you mind sharing your experience with it? Does it take many resources (i am mostly afraid of possible resource conflicts with time machine and Plex) ?

That is interesting, because I had the same experience with 1Blocker (issues with several websites I visit regularly). I switched to AdGuard. :slight_smile:

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No noticeable performance hit.

It only deals with DNS queries, so shouldn’t take a lot to do that - it runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero, which is significantly less powered than a Synology NAS that can run Docker.

Certainly doesn’t interfere with Plex, as I’ve Plex running as well. The container is currently using 0% CPU and 67MB RAM.

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Just use uBlock origin. It removes all ads and annoyances (cookie popups) from all websites. It’s such an indispensible tool for me. Also removes ad from YouTube.

Bonus: You can use it to custom the look of a webpage. Custom CSS

But that’s still not available for (Mobile) Safari, or is it?

Correct. I just use Brave on iOS. It blocks all ads, including ads in YouTube videos.