Blogging software (Wordpress) recommendations?

My poor old blog has been sadly neglected. One of my resolutions for this year (which I hate to put like that after listening to the first episode of Focused) is to make regular postings.

I want to begin posting Mac/iOS topics in addition to what I do in the Microsoft world, so I’d like a good blogging editor for the Mac.

I bought Ulysses a while back, and while I like it for some things, I just feel like I am missing out by not having good WYSIWYG support. I like it for somethings, but I don’t think it’s going to make me happy for blogging.

So I’m looking for recommendations from y’all, as you’ve given good advice in the past. My blog is hosted on Wordpress, and I’d really like something that works across both the Mac and iOS (that was one thing that appealed to me about Ulysses in the first place). It’d also be nice if in addition to the WYSIWYG editor I could also edit the underlying HTML. This would let me paste in color coded code snippets from some editors.


For desktop software, MarsEdit has a really good reputation. I used earlier versions of it, and liked it.

Unfortunately, it’s Mac-only.

Honestly, I’m not aware of any software of the sort you’re looking for that’s cross-platform compatible. If I were looking for more or less the same experience on Mac and iOS, I think I’d probably use the WordPress app on iOS and the web interface on the desktop.

Similar topic a while back

The Wordpress-provided editor is OK on iOS and a mess on macOS.

Wordpress’s new ‘Gutenberg’ editor is overall a really nice upgrade, although it has rough edges that are still being addressed in updates. Still, it’s not a bad environment to write in.

Two plus/minus reviews:

I think WYSIWYG can be a little overrated. Anyway, IA Writer also can publish to Wordpress, but it won’t be WSYIWYG either, though it offers a preview from Markdown.

I use Ulysses for blogging with Wordpress because you can publish or schedule right from the app. While it’s not WYSIWYG you can upload images right to Wordpress. If I need to do some final editing to the post before posting I use the Wordpress iPad app which works surprisingly well.

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I do it in exactly the same way. Ulysses for writing and uploading, the Wordpress app if there occur any issues. However, usually Ulysses does the job 100%.

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