Bluetooth Lockdown

If I (or anyone) has asked this previously, my apologies… I was connecting my Brydge keyboard to many iPad, and noticed someone else’s computer showing up as “discoverable” in my list of devices.
Needless to say (I hope) I did not connect to that, but was wondering if there was a way that I could “make sure” that my devices we not transmitting Bluetooth availability through the walls of the apartment complex.

Your Apple devices should only be discoverable via Bluetooth at the point you’re looking at the Bluetooth list.

The circled area is not mine, nor does it belong to anyone else in my apartment (just my wife and I). To clarify, how can I prevent MY stuff from showing up in “Anthony’s” Bluetooth range?

I don’t think you can prevent it. During the BT pairing process, the radio signal by definition needs to broadcast. It can’t know what stuff is yours. This is why you usually need to type a digit code on a keyboard in order to complete the pairing.


I appreciate the insight… I guess I wish there was a way to create “hidden” Bluetooth connections, similar to “hidden” WiFi… perhaps I am being just a tad too paranoid…

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There really is no need for this. As I said above, Bluetooth devices are only “available” when in pairing mode. Apple devices require you to be looking at the Bluetooth screen in settings and other devices must be put into pairing mode.

Even then, you usually need to authenticate or confirm something connecting to your device unless the devices are both connected to the same Apple ID. Making these hidden would cause tech support issues and may even be a security threat.