Bluetooth on a plane w/ iPhone ...?

I suspect this will not be the case, as you can see the ground move by quickly in a car, but not in the plane. And that is what confuses your brain.

Good luck and try to enjoy the flight.

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So, how did your flight go?

Not incredibly comfortable – turbulence both ways. Thankfully short. Given the amount of ambient noise, if I do it again I will bring some larger noise canceling over the ear headphones instead of AirPods Pro. But other than that, pretty good. :slight_smile:


Alas, unless you are in first class comfort is not included in the ticket price! Glad you made it through ok.

I just returned from a trip to Peru and Bolivia. And I found that AirPods Pro are very good at noise cancellation, if they are completely in one’s ears. For my ears I need to push them in every so often, non optimal when one is trying to sleep.