Bootcamp for Windows Gaming

Does anyone have experience of boot camping current versions of Windows 10? What’s it like these days?

I’ve been pondering bootcamping to get access to a handful of Windows games but part of me suspects that maintaining a Windows installation is still too much like hard work :sweat_smile:

I have found it works pretty good with a big caveat. If you have a fusion drive Windows is super slow in my experience. My iMac 5k boots in 3 secs to macOS it can take minutes into Windows. But aside it does work. I have had mostly good results. Thankfully a lot of games on Steam are coming to Mac as well. If that doesn’t work or you have issues you could try something like Paperspace with is a gaming PC in the cloud.

My daughter plays Overwatch via Bootcamp on our 4 year old iMac and it has good performance. No complaints.

As mentioned Windows 10 itself doesn’t perform very well. Ours does have the Fusion drive so maybe that’s the cause. I previously had Windows on my 4 year old MBP and don’t remember it being that slow.

The chances are I won’t make the leap. I ditched my windows gaming rig years ago because Windows itself took a lot of patience to maintain. The one time I booted it up to play Skyrim and Windows and Steam updates took like 6 hours (it had been offline a few weeks) and I just threw in the towel.

I am pure SSD so that concern should be moot.

It’s good to know that if I chose to that there’d be no additional complications. Thanks.

FWIW: I run Windows 10 on an external SSD with my MBP and games work fine.
Setting it up on an external disk is somewhat more work, but the upside is you can just reformat that disk or throw it in the trash if you don’t want Windows anymore.

Oh that’s neat I may have to look into that.

All my kids do it on 2x older 2011 iMac 27" and even though it makes me cringe every time I see the Windows bootup screen - it seems to do the trick for my kids. They mostly play Steam games which I have to admit look pretty darn good on that iMac. After over a year I haven’t had to do any major troubleshooting in Win 10 - just seems to work.

Of note - Technically you shouldn’t be able to run Win 10 on those machine, and the install process is not as straightforward as a newer machine install - but once you get it done it works great.

If you don’t need Windows don’t install it. For my music database I did put all my albums in Catraxx. They never made a program were I could import all my data, for the Mac, so I’m stuck with that program. I installed Windows 10 on my iMac so I still can find the music in Catraxx when I need it. Most of the time it works fine, but more than once I had to wait like one hour, before an update was installed and worked correct. Several reboots and if you are not there when the Mac starts again you are in OS X again. This is what I hate the most. Today I had to install an update from iTunes and OS X. It took me less than 5 minutes for both an just one reboot. As soon as I can get all my albums in a Mac oriented database in an easy way, Windows will be gone from my machine.

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I use it for gaming (Cuphead!) and have no gaming issues.

No Fusion Drive, SSD only BUT the Bootcamp “app’ will
not boot back into macOS. Have to shutdown Win 10,
and hold Option key to get back to macOS. NBD

I do the same with an external USB 3 SSD and Win 10, 2015 rMBP. I’m only playing Epistory, which doesn’t seem that demanding (except it chokes on macOS, which is the impetus for this setup).

Interesting that you had problems with Epistory. I have been playing it via Steam on my iMac (full SSD) with no issues. However, Steam has quite a few games that I have been wanting to try and they are Windows only. How big an external SSD are you running ?

Hm. Could have also been Pinball Arcade. It’s been a minute.
The drive is a 500 or 512G Crucial SSD in Sabrent enclosure.

Have just found an old SSD in my office drawer - going to be a busy weekend ahead :grinning:

Lucky me. Recently I bought a second hand Windows 10 machine, Windows installed, for less than the license I bought for my Bootcamp partitie.
I installed Teamviewer on my Mac and on the Windows machine. Both are connected to my internal network. When I need to use Catraxx, I start the Windows machine and after a minute or so I start teamviewer. After a week or so I deleted my Bootkamp partitie and reinstalled my iMac from scratch.Yes I have a Time Machine and had my Mac up and running with 100 GB more space on the HD.

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Latest version of boot camping is not working on my system having windows 10. It is showing windows error 80070103 whenever I tried to run it. Any suggestion regarding this issue?