Brydge keyboard Pencil storage

For people that have the Brydge keyboard and the pencil where do you keep you pencil? Do you have a separate case for it? Mine has tended to fall off with the thick keyboard. Thanks

My laptop bag has a special slot for the Apple Pencil, and so I generally leave it in there.

If I am using the pencil with the Brydge I tended to leave it at the bottom of the screen/top of the keyboard so it wouldn’t roll away.

Not sure how available they are now, but the Leather Sleeve for 10.5‑inch iPad Pro by Apple has the slot for the pencil in and also fits the ipad pro 11" with the brydge attached - snug at first but the leather soon breaks in.

I use that when I’m carrying it around, if it’s out it just sticks to the top to charge.

I leave it on the side of the iPad and I’ve not had it fall off in my bag yet, but the iPad sits in a special pocket so it doesn’t come into contact with anything else.