Brydge keyboard trick

A big problem with the Brydge keyboard is that you have to JAM the iPad into the prongs, which essentially converts your iPad into a notebook computer. To get the iPad out, you really have to exert muscle power.

But what if you don’t want that? What if you want the iPad to be a convertible device? Put it down lightly on the keyboard when you want to use the keyboard, lift it up gently when you’re in consumption mode.

I’ve tried various workarounds, and couldn’t make that work. I’ve been baffled why the Brydge engineers, who otherwise created a great device, left off this obvious scenario.

Today, I thought … hmmm… the back end of the prongs is much higher than the front end. What if I just REST the iPad on the prongs?

And lo and behold it works. The iPad sits there securely enough for lap-typing. I can lift it off easily, an put it in place lightly.

I’m alternating between patting myself on the back for figuring this out vs. giving myself a dope-slap on the forehead for overlooking this for so long.

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