Brydge Keyboards for new iPad Pros Pre-orders are open

Hopefully. Brydge looks amazing, but that price is just too high (190 EUR in Europe). In case they would throw a trackpad in it, I would buy it.

I was on the fence about getting a new iPad Pro, but if this actually comes to light, it will be the point that tips me over.

Me too. Right now the rumors discuss being able to physically connect pointing devices and activating them via Accessibility. But if they activate it via Bluetooth, and I can use my Magic Trackpad, my wallet will be out for a loaded Pro. (On the other hand, if it’s a purposefully crippled implementation, or it only will work with a physically attached mouse, I’ll just get a new iPad mini.)

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I can’t imagine that they would require a physically-connected mouse. That just seems completely antithetical to how Apple has been for the past decade where wires are bad and to be avoided whenever possible.

If they don’t implement Bluetooth connectivity I’d imagine it will have been a deliberate decision to make an allowance for accessibility users (and nerds), but a grudging one. Right now that’s what the rumor is.

Still, if one expects a combo hardware device down the line that runs both OSes, as I do, they really have no option but to eventually provide for pointer support matching that of macOS.

Thanks for the links and information.

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