Building my home office around an iPad Pro (2020) 12.9

I’m starting my home office setup this next month. I’ve already ordered my new iPad 12.9 (2020)1tb to upgrade from my 2018 12.9 pro.

I have an Anker USB-c hub with PD, USB 3.0, SD reader and HDMI.

I’m looking for ways to really use this with a second display. What apps take advantage of it and are there ways to use this to my advantage?

I do a lot of photo work but mostly office productivity, Word, Excel, email and Microsoft Teams. I’d like to be able to increase my real estate but have no interest in a pc or Mac setup at this point. I use a Dell 2-in-1 that’s work issues for somethings but this is more to see the limits of the iPad Pro.

I think it will be better now with the mouse being more supported, it really depends how deep you need to use Excel (and word possibly) as the iOS versions are still restricted in terms of capability.

I have plugged my iPad in through monitor a couple of times, albeit not since the mouse change and it’s nice to use.