Bulk Schedule and Organization?

hey MPU,

I am trying to change my workflow, wondering if anyone has tips.

In our Diocese, we have 43 churches. Typically during Great Lent, I gather all the Liturgy (mass) schedules of all 43 churches, pop them into excel sheet, make PDF, post/publish.

Is there another more friendly solution of doing this?

  • I thought about having the churches submit their own schedule (instead of me gathering)
  • But just trying to think of something other than a PDF option? Is there a mobile-friendly way? web-friendly?
  • Something that can be changed easily by going into a dashboard, selecting church, day, time, etc. ?

I thought about creating a new Calendar, but for example, if all 43 churches all pray on Wednesday at 9am, that would quickly clutter a calendar.


Depends on how good these churches would be about submitting the information. One option could be a Google Form populating a Google Sheet. Then you’d only have to do a quality edit and follow up with (hopefully just a few) laggards, and then publish the data.

If the information doesn’t change much from year to year, and you trust them to be careful reviewers, you could send them a blast showing them the schedule and asking them to submit corrections.

I tried the Google Form once a few years ago, but then realized some churches have multiple services during the day. I had lots of correcting to do for those entries.

The information does change each year. As far as publishing, what’s the best way to make it visible and easy to use for all?

You can embed a Google Sheet in a website. If you’re staging the information in one (form or no), it might be easiest. Relay has an example here.

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Where do you post and publish? Who are the recipients of the PDF?

In the past, converted to PDF…posted the PDF in a WhatsApp Group or a link on a website.

Recipients are the clergy in a WhatsApp Group to verify the document.
Website for the congregation in the Diocese

But imagine, a PDF in landscape mode, about 3-4 pages long with the following columns

Church Name | Monday | Tuesday | etc

St. Mary’s | 9am-11am | 10am-12pm | etc

Are you able to post an image of what the document looks like? It helps in making suggestions.

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This is the first page of the excel sheet, we have 4 regions of the Diocese. In previous years, I didn’t separate by region, just one long alphabetical list. When I think of this from a user perspective on a cell phone, it doesn’t look very nice or user friendly.