Bundlehunt is back with a $3 bundle for 7 apps

Bundlehunt is having a $3 bundle sale for their 9th birthday. Unlock the bundle for $3 and get 7 apps for free. There’s 26 apps on sale and while they app choices aren’t as awesome as in past bundles (nothing will beat Fantastical 2 for $7!), it’s probably not hard to find 7 apps worth $3. Link here

FYI, I just grabbed AirMagic, Super Eraser, Lucid 4, Net Batter X9, Privatus, Invisible, and Mini Design Bundle. Of those, 2 were ones I was rather interested in (AirMagic & Super Eraser) and those alone were worth $3 to me, but adding another 5 apps was the same price. Overall, pretty good haul for $3!