BundleHunt is live again (February 2023)

BundleHunt is live again:

I think one of the signs of having “arrived” is the fact that you look through stuff like this bundle and don’t really see that much that you want/need. But that said, there are one or two that I might be able to use.

And I also realize that in the Mac podcast community a small subset of apps get platformed, to the exclusion of others that might be absolutely fantastic but less well-known.

Anybody see any hidden gems in there, or apps that you use and love?

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at the bottom of the list are lots of photoshop brushes, premiere luts, etc… I am tempted.

+1 for TABLEFLIP Markdown table editor!

Blast from the past SMULTRON text editor!


What’s the benefit of Tableflip over Markdown Tables generator - TablesGenerator.com (I know $2 isn’t much…)?

TABLEFLIP is a spreadsheet-like app by the talented programmers who make The Archive app and a fascinating website:

Also be aware of license agreements, quite a few of these are one activation on one mac. I have had occasion when it was cheaper to buy the normal priced software just so I could use on multiple macs.

OK purchased table flip and drop sync (both I have used before) so far with drop sync the license which is supposed to arrive via email has not turned up (over 2 hours) and it crashes when attempting a sync preview with the following message.

'DropSync was unable to run its underlying sync engine command because a serious error occured. The App bundle may be corrupted or your operating system may be in an unstable state. We recommend you relaunch DropSync and possibly reboot your machine. If the problem persists please contact support."

New MacBook Air M2

Not impressed!