Busycal and background sync

Not sure if this post is to mention an issue or it’s just a rant. But a little while ago I switched from Fantastical (non-subscription) to Busycal om macOS. All went fine and there’s really not that much difference between the 2 applications.

But I noticed one important thing: Busycal appears to be only syncing to a CalDAV account when the main application is running. Despite the menu bar application being running, new events only show up when I open up the full BusyCal application. Quite annoying.

As I couldn’t find a way to change this behaviour, I started experimenting with some other Calendar apps and returned to a manu bar app that I used long ago: Calendar 366 (now Calendar 366 II) with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders as a backend. Works like a charm. Should have known before I bought Busycal.

Not sure if this is helpful, but have you checked in Settings > Accounts. You can set the sync interval of your choice and it’s per account.

I’ve had little niggles with BusyCal, but the sync issue you mention is similar on iOS as well, where the widgets aren’t up to date unless you open the app, which makes them useless if your calendar changes a lot.