Byword app is damaged

“App Is Damaged and Cannot Be Opened on Mac”.

I received this error on my M1 MacBook Air opening the Byword text editor app today. I had to delete the app and restart my Mac before being allowed to download it again from the Mac App Store (v2.9.5 from 1 year ago).

This has happened a couple of times before. The app is Universal and claims to have been updated for M1 Macs.

Developer involvement, shall we say, has been very low-key over the years I’ve used the app. So I’m going to stop using it and switch my Keyboard Maestro macro for creating a new document with selected text over to BBEdit. I’ll be using the Marked app when I need to export to PDF for sharing with others as BBEdit is a good code editor, but not a great Markdown editor, and does a so-so job of exporting PDFs.

I’m curious if this is an issue limited to Byword or if other Mac App Store apps throw this error.

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Similar, but not the same?

(saw this earlier today in a different context)

Thanks for your reply. Your post reports a similar error message although I’m having trouble finding a correlation between the two quite different apps.

I’m starting to think there is some flaw in the Byword app rather than a general issue with the Mac App Store.

I’ve seen it happen with App Store and non-App Store applications, but the error can be due to a wide range of things, so it’s not surprising. The “damage” could be an Apple verification problem (out of your control), or it could be signs that your Mac is having problems.

Have you run Disk Utility on the internal drive (or wherever the app is installed)? I’d do that just to be sure there aren’t bigger problems, and it it turns out fine, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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@margaretamartin, Disk Utility run in Recovery Mode reported no errors on the internal drive. I haven’t had any other problems with my M1 MBA except the Byword app several times having been reported by macOS as damaged.

@rob, I did try a Clean My Mac X subscription last year but stopped using it last December. I may have tried to free up disk space with it. So maybe I clobbered something having to do with Byword? But this problem has re-occurred since reinstalling the Byword app. And I’ve had no other problems to report. :man_shrugging:

Not going to worry about it anymore for the time being. Thanks everyone.

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