Byword Markdown editor is significantly faster

Byword has been my go-to Markdown editor for many years. I love the Byword editor. But I have always opened the large annual roll-up of my Daily Note files in the BBEdit editor because very large Markdown files were unpleasantly sluggish to deal with in Byword on a Mac.

However today I tried once again to open a year’s worth of Daily Notes in one Markdown document on my M1 MacBook Air and was pleasantly surprised to see how snappy Byword (version 2.9.5) handles them!

I don’t know what they did to improve Byword on the Mac, but I appreciate the improvement that apparently arrived quietly in their most recent update.

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Ahh, Byword was my go-to before Obsidian. I think I used that for 10 years. I still have it installed even though I don’t use it anymore. I don’t think they update it often but perhaps because it does what it’s supposed to do.

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