Byword? Writing and Exporting Issues

Okay, I am stumped and trying to figure this out. I am sure there is a simpler solution, but probably because my AC is broken this weekend and it’s hot, my mind is just not thinking well.

Today, I wrote up some stuff in Byword and did some formatting it to it.

I copy and paste to Evernote and lose some formatting.
I copy and paste to DevonThink and lose some formatting.

Other suggestions that I am not looking into? I want something where ever I export to it goes, it retains all formatting and allows me to edit in case I need to, when I am away from my Mac.

Eventually, at the end of the day, anything written will most likely be archived into Evernote or DTPO. (but not in PDF)

If you save as markdown to those places, your formatting should be retained, shouldn’t it?
Is it copy and pasting as rtf or something else?

Didn’t use Markdown, just RTF.

Example, usually all bold/italics, and any numbered lists get lost. If they get retained at times in Evernote, it’s not a list format, but a long run-on sentence with numbers.

I’m late to the party on this thread, but… Are you copying/pasting the text or the file? Mac or iOS?

I have a suspicion you are pasting the text and there is something flaky going on with pasting it into another app. Perhaps a limitation of the built in editors in Evernote or Devonthink. If that’s the case, I’d try to drag or paste the file into either of those. I don’t recall how Evernote works, but Devonthink will let you open items in external apps, so even if you’ve found a limitation of the editor you can still get at your file and edit it in the original app.