Cable Modem - good solution for protecting cable coming out of wall?

I have Internet through my cable company. Where the cable exits the wall is a super-bad place for it to be, as other stuff winds up getting pushed back against it.

The cable is a 25’ cable that we run along the baseboard to get our cable modem where it needs to be for Internet purposes, so I’d prefer to not have to replace it because the center conductor gets damaged. :slight_smile:

Since this is an apartment, I have no option to move the cable termination point.

Is there any good solution for protecting that cable? Would something like a right-angle adapter be the way to fly, or is there a better way?

I used these on the back of my UPS (which has surge suppression for cable).

If it’s just a wire coming out of the wall, a recessed plate like this might help.


Are you thinking of something like this? Perhaps with some cable management channels from the junction to the floor and along the wall.


Ah, that will work perfectly. Thanks!

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In addition to the cabling recommendations you could also put the modem where the outlet is and run cat6 cable to the router.

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