Cable modem, Synology RT router, Apple Airport: now what?

we have a log home: 12" thick concrete foundation and very solid walls.
a cable modem that connects via standard video cable in the ‘basement’ office (next to the studio) under the kitchen
Synology RT2600 router: I wanted to use to boost wifi (upstairs living areas, loft (has ethernet, center of house, over top of kitchen, overlooks great room), bedroom (1 wall separates kitchen & br but we don’t get great signal), front porch)
Apple airport to use for time capsule backup, as well as several airport express routers, and 2 apple tv’s (1 in studio downstairs and 1 in great room)

I can put the synology (via ethernet) & airport in the Loft which overlooks the great room and is central to the upstairs… plug the airport into the synology?

What are the best settings/cables… to get all this mess to talk to each other? I have the model on 1 ‘network’ and the synology plugged into the loft ethernet on a wifi network - seems to be working pretty fast :wink:

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Install the Cable modem in the loft and connect the Synology router to it.
Run one ethernet cable to the basement and install the Apple Airport in bridge mode.

WiFi Boost is not going to help if it can’t hear the much weaker devices.