Cable organizer for bags?

Inspired by the Casey Liss episode and the thread How do you carry your tech?, I think it’s time I create a go bag for the trunk of my car.

Probably a battery pack and a bunch of cables, chargers and adaptors.

How does everybody organize their cables and adaptors for a smaller bag (not a briefcase or backpack? I’d love to not have a tangled mess each time!

I use a Waterfield Padded Gear Pouch, with Strapeez to keep the cables nicely coiled.

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I love these things to tame my cables.

…clicked the link, watched the video, and purchased. thanks (AGAIN)!

I bough a bunch of Velcro strips from the $2 shop. I wrap the cables and secure with those, then use an old makeup bag to keep it all in.


I’ve used an Aer Cable Kit but I think I’ll swap this out for my newly arrived Peak Design Tech Pouch.
If I just need a small selection of cables these live in a Peak Design Field Pouch. Most of my cables are Anker and they come with handy velcro straps.

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I bought a [Grid-it by a company called Cocoon.](Cocoon CPG8BK 10.5 x 7.5-Inch Organizer (Black) I like it’s versatility and it appeals to my nature to tinker with organizing things just-so, plus it has a zippered pouch in the back for smaller items that don’t work with the elastic straps.

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Waterfield here also. I use a Waterfield Tech Folio Gear Case. Comes in two sizes. Like all Waterfield products it is super durable.

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A few years ago I bought a cheap pack of a zillion Monoprice zip-ties, enough to last me for years to come.

I just put cables into half-gallon or gallon Zip-Loc bags - they take up no space, they’re effectively waterproof, you can see everything inside the bags, and they’re dirt cheap.


Like Chris I use a Waterfield case as well, but the non-padded one. It’s less bulky and takes up less room in my bag.

I also prefer the retractable cables to minimize the clutter and prevent tangling.

I would note that the retractable cables are starting to become available in USB-C and since I got a new 2018 iPad, I’ve added a few of those to my kit. Some also come with replaceable tips (e.g., micro-USB and Lightning), so you only have to carry one cable for both types of devices.

Pro tip: To minimize confusion, my Lightning cables are white, and the USB-C cables are black. :grin:

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Oh, I probably should have gotten this one. Oh well, maybe I will end up getting BOTH!

I use the medium one of these packing cubes.

I could be wrong but I remember something like this discussed quite awhile ago (most like in the Facebook days) and more specifically, @RosemaryOrchard saying what she used.

Sorry if I’m not remember correctly and providing almost no help except to put Rose on the spot.

I also have one of those in my bag. Added benefit: when I don’t need all the cables&stuff, it’s easy to remove.

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I use these mesh bags from Ikea.

I agree, this goes from backpack to suitcase in seconds

Tom Bihn also makes a bag for this, it’s called a Snake Charmer.


First it was @MacSparky, now it’s @ChrisUpchurch that’s costing me money!

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A set of mesh bags might work for the cables. I use an AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case that has room for battery pack and small number of cables. Depends on the size of your battery pack. I’ve got a combo battery pack, car starter, escape hammer and LED flashlight that came in its own case with room for cables that slides under the car seat but it is no longer available on Amazon.

Also bought a grid-it in 5 x 7 inch size a few years back. It’s terrific.

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