Cables & Adapters & Hubs ... Oh My!

I just upgraded to the newest 12.9 iPad Pro. So now I have a USB-C cable. My iPhone XS Max and 9.7 iPad (2017) still use Lightning. How can I best make use of all my existing cables?

  • Is there a wall plug or equivalent that has multiple USB-C inputs (female)? Then I could get a couple of cables that go from USB-C to Lightning.
  • Is there an adapter that goes into USB-A with a USB-C on th end?
  • And what about the different charging rates (fast charge, etc.)?
  • What about battery packs that only accept USB-A — what can I do to use them to charge a USB-C device?

I hate to simply discard drawer of chargers, etc.

Looking for insight from someone who understands the optimum collections of wall chargers, cables, battery packs, hubs, etc.

Thank yoU!

This Native Union Smart Hub Charger is my favorite all-around hub. Great for travel. (It’s $20 on Amazon.)


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I have been very happy with my Satechi charger, and they offer a broad range of products for USB C.

Satechi website

As tech rolls forward, we’re unfotunately all forced to keep updating our infrastructure.

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I’m a big fan of the new Anker GaN chargers - USB C chargers that have high wattage in a small size For example, the 30w charger that’s just a little bigger than the 5w iPhone chargers and the 60w dual USB C charger the same size as the since Apple MacBook USB C 30w charger. Check them out on amazon below. Usually on sale below normal retail price.