Calendar Events

The last year or so I have a lot more incoming calendar invites. Many of these will be DOZENS of emails in a row from people that create a dozen or more events, cancel half of them, and reschedule them.

Currently in MailMate, I’m finding myself having to manually click each attachment, open it in Calendar, and handle Calendar’s interactive stuff.

This is positively overwhelming to my brain.

How should this be working? I would like to imagine that there’s some way to just gather up all the incoming events, shovel them over to Calendar, and let me just click “approve” for each one quickly … ?

Does your email service have calendar support? Might be good to keep Fantastical or BusyCal around. They both have a bulk calendar accept feature that should also handle the invitations as they update.

I use Fastmail, which I believe has calendar support.

Apologies for the newbie questions - I’ve literally never used any sort of email-to-calendar integration before. Are you suggesting that I can configure Fastmail to dump the invites onto a calendar, so I don’t have to futz with it on the client side?

Indeed. You should just need to generate an app password in Fastmail, and then set up a generic Caldav account with it in your calendar app.