Calendar search stopped working

A few weeks ago, I entered all of the NY Jets home football games into my calendar. I went to search for Jets on my iPhone and only the first game on 9/11 shows up in search results. It also returns events from the past (I’ve been doing this every summer for years now). I then tried the same thing on my iPad and Mac. All the same thing. I go to the specific days and see the events in my calendar. What is going on here and how can I fix it? Is there a way to force a reindexing of events?

One user on posted this:

“I was just on the phone with Apple support about this same issue and here is the fix that they gave me that worked: Settings>Mail>Account (select the correct account)>Calendar

then toggle OFF calendar. It asks if you want to delete the account and you accept. After about a minute, toggle it back on, and the calendar entries will start repopulating, and the search function will start working. Depending on how many calendar entries you have, it will take a while to update, but I have thousands and it updated in less than one hour. Search function works again. “

There are other posts with similar suggestions, and varied results.

The first thing I always try is restarting my phone. Good luck.

Keep in mind that only works if your calendars are in iCloud. You are SOL if they are “on your Mac”

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Thanks Wayne, this worked. The annoying thing about it is I had to do it on each device, iPhone, iPad and macOS. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

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