Calendar "sets" or "filters" on iOS?

One of my favorite features of certain calendar apps on the Mac is the ability to quickly view a subset of calendars-- like the calendar “sets” in Fantastical and “smart filters” in BusyCal.

I’m beginning to work more and more on iOS and would love to be able to toggle between different calendar views quickly (w/o going into settings and checking/unchecking the calendars I need every time).

I haven’t been able to find any documentation on how to do this in the iOS versions of Fantastical or BusyCal. Does anyone know if it is possible?

If not, does anyone know of an iOS app that does have this functionality? Or perhaps a Workflow that might be able to do something like this on iOS?

Thanks for your thoughts on this!

It must be a difficult challenge because while Fantastical and BusyCal both offer it on the Mac, neither have it on iOS.

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I’ve requested it to Flexibits. I’m optimistic we could see it on iOS soon because in Fantastical for Mac 2.5, they added URL schemes for calendar sets.

I’ve been looking for an app to do the same for me on iOS though.

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You might mean Flexibits? Agilebits creates 1Password.

(Both great products that I love!)

Do you think it will help if more people request it for Fantastical?

I recently switched to Fantastical and the biggest single feature that pushed me was Calendar Sets. In fact I got so excited that I didn’t notice that it wasn’t on iOS. Slightly disappointed but the feature is such a life saver that I can live with it on Mac Only, and assume it will pop up on iOS at some point.

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yes let’s do it

Ugh, I’m always confusing the two. Agilebits, Agile Tortoise, Flexibits… I think there’s more in there I tend to get confused. I’ll edit the correction.

@herrevjan @dfay I know some companies (such as Omni) like repeated feedback because it indicates popularity of the idea. I’m not sure whether or not Flexibits operates the same way. That said, I would link this thread, as IIRC, when I made the request initially, they said they had not had the feature requested at all previously.

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I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in wanting this feature but am a bit bummed to find out that it doesn’t exist (yet). I was hoping I was just missing something.

I will be jumping on this feature request as well.

Like @herrevjan, it is such an important feature to me. I often need to view 4-6 weeks at a time from various work and home “perspectives,” switching between them throughout the day depending on the work I am doing.

I sent a comment to Flexibits about how awesome this feature would be and pointed them to this thread also as a small sign that this is something that is sought after and that would be a great addition to their App and selling point. Crossing my fingers. :smile:

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Until they find a solutions, a work-around is to use different iOS calendar apps for your groups of calendars. I use Fantastical my personal calendars and BusyCal for work.


…and I got a reply back already saying that they were well aware of the desire for this, but that they couldn’t talk about future features.

I’ll take this as a good sign that they’re either already working on it or that they’re just waiting for a way to do it becoming available. :laughing:

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