Calendar SW options?

Do any of the various calendar options Fantastical BusyCal or something else allow you to print a calendar with 2 or 3 month views on a single letter size sheet of paper? I’m looking for something tha will mimic this view but filled in with my Calendar events to the limits of what fits in the space, much like the existing 1 month per page that is in the Apple calendar app.

You can use the Print dialog’s Pages per Sheet option to do 2 or 4 months on a page.
To do three months on a page, you’d probably need to print to a PDF and use PDF Expert or the like to place the three months on a page.

Option: (knowing that you probably won’t want to upload your calendar PDF)

I’ll bet you can use ghostscript to extract pages, place multiples on a sheet, etc.


Thanks, somehow my print didn’t have those options until I reinstalled the print drivers for my printer. Weird

Anyway, I can live with 2 on a page for now

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