Calendar with higher-contrast current week / month ...?

This might sound like a weird request, but when I’m viewing my calendar - typically a six-week spread, so I can always have the current month on screen - it just all kind of jumbles together for me. I’m wondering if there’s a calendar app that either renders the entire current week a significantly different color to make it stand out, and/or to make the currently selected month look slightly different so that the days stand out more.

For example, I’m scrolling through the calendar. The top of my calendar says “July”, but the first three weeks are June. Apple’s default calendar makes the numbers for June an ever-so-slightly darker grey, but it still jumbles together in my brain and is confusing me for some reason.

Any high-contrast options out there?


It’s not just you, I find the lack of distinction between months makes “a quick glance” at the calendar pretty infeasible.

I’d like this as well. Fantastical isn’t any better as it grays out the date numbers outside of the month. I think this approach to calendar UI is misguided.

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The frustrating thing is that so much other software - particularly text editors and such - has UI themes and skins. It’s just bizarre that nobody has a calendar app that supports them.