CalendarAgent fans spin up


I’m MacOS Mojave and have been since the launch on a mid-2013 MacBook Air. Last night the fans just started spinning up like crazy because “CalendarAgent” is running out of control.

I use Fantastical so if I quit that app and quit the “CalendarAgent” in Activity Monitor it goes away. But within long it’s back again.

Anyone else seeing this or have any possible fixes?

I assume you are syncing your calendar to either iCloud or some other caldav server? In that case it might be a corrupt calendar item that’s causing issues. Have a look in the console app to see if you can identify that calendar item.

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This is an issue which has popped up from time to time for years. Good (2-yr-old!) overview here. One suggestion re Mojave here.

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Thanks! Will look into it :blush: