Call Sheet Automation

Hello, MPUs!

I have a multi-step workflow that might be useful for some folks. I’m looking for some feedback:

  1. How could I improve this flow?
  2. What would be the best way to share a workflow that is multiple Shortcuts (iOS 12) and requires a reminders list?

Call Sheet Shortcut Explained
The shortcut accepts a contact file. You are able to access the first workflow via a share Sheet.

Share a contact from anywhere to the shortcut and it adds the contacts name and phone number to a Call Sheet reminders list.

When you have some time to make calls you tap (or use Siri) to call the next person on the Call Sheet list. It picks the oldest first. It would be fairly easy to pick from the list.

Once the call is completed you are prompted to remove that item.

Does this sound helpful to anyone else?

Thanks in advance for the feedback and help!

I like it. Anyone want to share a Shortcut or outline the steps to create my own?