Camera unusable in IOS14 public beta

I bought the new SE and downloaded the public beta which for the most part is great but I’m unable to use the camera. When I open it I see what the phone is pointing to as expected but one second later it frosts over and never recovers.

I’m assuming it’s related to the beta and not an issue with the phone but maybe I’m mistaken

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Easiest way to check would be to install the latest official release of iOS 13 and try the camera again.

Public beta is still beta.

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I have no idea how I’d go about doing that

You need to remove the beta program profile then restore the phone to iOS 13.

Unenroll your devices / Stop receiving public beta updates

Restore shipping software

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Interesting development. If the screen is locked and I slide over the camera works but if I unlock and slide up then tap the camera it plays up

Beta software is buggy software. Don’t play in the sandbox unless you’re willing to get all your parts sandy.


there’s a good lesson there somewhere…
If you’re going the beta route: backup and learn how to undo before you start

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This might surprise everyone but I posted about it here because I assumed others would be using the beta and someone might have the same issue I was having. Not for a lecture about the perils of installing/using beta software.

Anyway deleting the profile, restarting, re-adding the profile and restarting again has resolved the issue.


I haven’t had your issue, but I have had some issues where the camera app wouldn’t open or it freezes. I have closed it out and restarted the phone and these two things have worked for me.

The second public beta has been worse than the first.

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I appreciate the heads-up.

I really do wish the “Well it’s a beta, what did you expect?” crowd could understand there is still value in talking about which specific issues people are actually facing when using the betas.

Maybe we need a section of the forum devoted to beta testing where people can only go if they accept the premise that “Well then don’t use a beta” isn’t useful or helpful.


With the information provided, it was not clear to me that the post was meant as a heads’ up to other folks testing beta code. I interpreted it as a complaint that beta code installed on a newly acquired device didn’t work.

Often, I see people jump on the public beta bandwagon to get the new shiny on their production devices then raise a fit when things break. It’s even worse if folks install the beta without first creating an archived backup for a restore in case of problems.

Having a section just for beta testers to hang out and share is a good idea. Making it so such posts do not show up in the regular feeds so they confuse us “beta is beta” folks would be preferred if Discourse can support it.

I’ve sent a note to David and Stephen with the ‘beta section’ suggestion.

In hindsight (always bad of course) I shouldn’t have been so pedantic.
The lesson is valid, the place to utter it not

Sorry @nathanieloffer, did not mean to be such a wise @ss

Hey TJ,
Interestingly after fixing the camera issue I developed a new issue where a quick pull down on the screen to search for an app resulted in a completely blank screen. Thankfully rebooting restored that functionality. I would definately say that ios 14 has been the buggiest beta I’ve used and I’ve been getting them for 2 or 3 years now.
Regarding the separete forum section that sounds like a great idea.

The newest beta seems to have fixed the camera issues.