Can 3rd party camera apps fully use advanced camera features?

I bought the 11 Pro for its camera, probably sealing the fate of my Canon DSLR and kilos of expensive glass I bought over the years.
Did someone find an authoritative source re. how much 3rd party camera apps (Lightroom and Halide are the ones I use) can leverage the advanced computational photography capabilities of the stock camera (night mode, portrait, …).
In other words, how much do we “loose” by switching to 3rd party?

Can’t say for certain. But, halide has had access to portrait mode. Given, how much was demoed in Filmic Pro on stage, I would think most of that functionality is accessible to developers.

That’s a very thoughtful response - thanks for that.
In traditional photography, the RAW is indeed the basis that can be reused to create increasingly improved JPGs as technology evolves, as you describe. The iPhone though captures many successive RAW’s from the different lenses in order to create a composite basis, that then can be used to generate JPG’s. That multiple capture is what makes the iPhone fundamentally different from a DSLR (despite the sensor size), and I assume that you can’t benefit from it in Lightroom or Halide.
I took my Canon 7D with my 70-200 2.8 L lens to a party recently and the pictures are indeed incomparable with what the iPhone can do (at least as long as there is some light) - but I don’t even take it to vacation anymore due to the weight and space it takes.

Almost any dslr or mirror less camera can bracket exposures nowadays, in raw of course. And can produce baked (merged) jpegs, but you lose any control, as you said before