Can Hazel work with foreign languages?

I have files that are in Hebrew which means they’re read right to left and use non Latin letters. Anyone have any experience they can share on how to get Hazel to recognize content from within the document in order to process?
Thanks in advance

If you can copy and paste it into hazel it will probably recognise it. You may need to have the language installed as a system language for spotlight to work properly. This is also probably worth asking on the noodlesoft forum too.

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Looks like you already asked basically the same question on Noodlesoft’s forum and the owner replied:

It should in theory but I have not tested that in particular.

Which means, test and verify for yourself, maybe?

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I did try on my own before contacting both sites. The challenge I’m having is with content matching a date. The non-English date is spelled out as opposed to a number format. Hazel has that as an option in English and I was hoping the gurus at these sites could shed some light on what to do when a foreign language is involved

Not much to be done about this, I’d say. Text recognition would get pretty slow if Hazel had to check for all possible languages.
Not sure if it would be possible to build some kind of translation table in your rule.

If you only have the month spelled out then I guess you can pattern match two digits - separator - word - separator - two digits.
If everything is spelled out I think you’re out of luck.