Can I get a recommendation for a USB-C hub?

Morning all,

I need to find a USB-C hub/dock that can be used both with both my 2018 Macbook Pro and my wife’s Window’s work laptop.It will also need to drive an external Thunderbolt display and hopefully power my laptop as we go.

I’ve been going through Amazon this morning but wanted to get some recommendations from you guys. The TwelveSouth hub seems popular, but expensive so any thoughts on that specifically would be appreciated, as I’m drawn to it by it’s longer cable length - but really not sure I can justify spending the cash purely on a longer cable!

Thanks in advance!

I have 4 different workstations that I use throughout the building that I share with two other people. There is an anker hub at each one of them. I plug in and the system works.

Anker USB-C Hub


If you want to drive a Thunderbolt Display then you will need a thunderbolt hub / dock.
The USB-C hubs will only have HDMI out.

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Thanks, I didn’t catch the Thunderbolt Display.