Can I share Alfred snippets across user accounts?

Noob Alfred question.

I have enabled snippets, but when I log into a different user account on the same computer (iMac), they don’t appear.

Is Alfred distinct for each user account, and can I share features (workflows, snippets etc) across user accounts?


You can sync your setup if you have the Powerpack, the settings are in Alfred’s Preferences > Advanced.

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Hi Rose, that talks about syncing between different Macs, is that also the solution for different accounts on the same Mac?

Yup! They’re functionally the same thing.


Couldn’t this be done by aliasing one user’s prefs folder to another’s? Perhaps depending on file permissions.

With a hard or symbolic link, this may be possible, but why not sync it using a sync service, which may be more reliable and wouldn’t break if you needed a second device or yet another user account (which would require a new link).

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Well the reason that comes to mind first is that you may not want both user accounts logged in to the same cloud service with the same credentials.

With Dropbox, can’t you share the Alfred preferences folder out to another Dropbox user? (I admit I haven’t actually shared folders out of Dropbox so I don’t know how well/reliably this works.)

I imagine The preferences could basically be put anywhere, including in a local folder that multiple user accounts on the same computer can access, (say, in Macintosh HD/ with the correct permissions)