⌚ can I talk about my watch?

I don’t have an Apole Watch but would love to share what I am using. imageimageimage

It’s the VivoActive 3. If people are happy for me to talk about I will. A little tease - sleep tracking and 8 days battery life. Oh and always on screen - no wrist flicking to tell the time!

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Garmins are great watches so no judging over here! As long as it works for you that’s all that matters! My issues with non-Apple smartwatches are the lack of good notifications! They never seem to sync or work well and the lack of interaction with them really hampers the watches! I suppose it really depends on what you need - a smart watch or a fitness tracker!

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Yeah. It was a difficult decision - it was definitely a fitness first decision for me. Also I prefer round watchfaces and wanted an always on display.

Hope the Apple Watch gets at least that with the next revision.