Can iOS 15 extract text from scanned documents in Files app?

This seems like a natural extension of the feature…turning an entire scanned document into text. Is it in there somewhere and I’m missing it? It does it in the Photos app, and the Notes app.

It’s not there as far as I can tell. I noticed this a few weeks back and it does seem like an odd omission. It seems like this is a part of the larger question of how indexing of text is handled by apps and iOS. For example, most text in a scanned document in Notes is searchable from Notes and Spotlight. However if you search for text that is not a word but rather a serial number or other mix of characters it does not seem to show up even though the scanned document shows that that specific text is selectable, copyable, etc.

And of course the content of text in Files on iOS is also not available in Spotlight so there’s that.

My guess/hope is that they will continue improving this with indexing/searching system wide.

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Might they be suppressing searches for likely passwords?