Can’t access iCloud at work

Hello - I just started a new job in academia. I was issued, at my request, a MacBook Pro (newest edition - woot, woot) with touchbar. I was able to access my Apple account to download software, etc. Unfortunately, access to iCloud is blocked (as is to DropBox). We have access to OneDrive, and I am making do using it in lieu of DropBox for certain files and folders I need to access at work. I have my iPad with me at all times, so I can access my iCloud email, photos, etc, but it is a pain to switch between devices. I have added my work email to my iPhone and iPad (had to go to an 8 digit access code to unlock the device which was fine). Anyone else run into this issue and can provide any work around or solutions? Thanks

I have not personally run into this issue but as I see, there are two real solutions

  1. Talk to IT and have them change their draconian network rules
  2. Ignore IT, run a VPN through there network to somewhere else which should let those services run again.

My work uses a proxy that only runs over a few ports but several coworkers have had success configuring Proxifier to route apps over the ports that our proxy uses. No idea if this will help in your situation but they have a free trial.

i mean please check your network rules of behavior i don’t want you to loose this new job before you start messing around with work arounds

Sir i work in cybersecurity and there a reason that’ org has chosen to block filesharing networks-

for me i work environments with very strict network rules – has helped me transfer btw clouds

but ultimately i just have to know - NO icloud at work if its dire get a VPN and hop on the starbucks WIFI

Many academia and government sites block file sharing sites to protect plagiarism and loss of classified/sensitive information. I would talk to your IT department to ask why iCloud is blocked and if they will grant you permission to access (for change their admin block on it.) If that doesn’t work, when you are home/off the school’s wifi, transfer the files from iCloud you are need at work into OneDrive.Work on them via OneDrive in all locations. It’s probably not your preferred method, but it is there computer, network, and admin restrictions. You don’t want to lose your new job over something like this.

I work in a corporate IT department (in the EU, hello GDPR) and there are valid data protection reasons for blocking access to online storage services with which you do not have a signed confidentiality agreement. Especially if there are local data protection laws that prevent (or put more onerous restrictions / responsibilities on you) your data from being stored outside your local jurisdiction.

Having said that…

I use iCloud for my personal filing. I use OneDrive for Work filing (although I keep a “Personal” folder on OneDrive for this purpose). I then use the Files app on my iPad to move files between services.

There are obviously some drawbacks and caveats to this:

  • it is only really practical for one-off file transfers, it’s not so good for keeping files in sync.
  • it depends on connecting my iPad to the un-managed, un-filtered “Mobile Devices” wifi at work.
  • your corporate OneDrive admin might be able to block the copying of these files out of OneDrive as they will be considered “Corporate” files, It depends on the MS services and products contracted and policies implemented by the IT department.
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Thank you all for your feedback. I have been able to transfer my critical files over to my personal OneDrive which I can access, and then move them over to the school OneDrive account. I have set up my filing system to exist on the school OneDrive account, which I can access on my iOS devices. The only item left to deal with are all of my Notes files - I use it extensively to record things - and this is not available on my work computer due to the lack of iCloud syncing. I am starting to explore a notes app that works across platforms but does not sync via iCloud. I am going to hop on the main page and see if this has already been discussed.