Can’t Drag/Drop email addresses?

I feel like there has to be a better way to do what I’m trying to do! I have a group email message with about 20 contacts in it. Most of them are not in my contact list and I want to add all of them to my contact list in a specific group. I’ve tried with both the regular contact app and Cardhop. I’m trying to do this on my iPad.

What I want to do is drag and drop the email address over to the new group I’ve created in Contacts/Cardhop in split view. But when I try to drag the email address it won’t drag. Please tell me I don’t have to manually click on each address, click “create new contact”, and then go to the contacts app and add to the appropriate group. I don’t mind dragging names/emails one at a time, but they won’t drag.

Am I missing something??

I can’t drag and drop a contact in iOS… BUT it works in Mac OS flawlessly.

I think you aren’t missing anything, this is just something that isn’t a built-in iOS feature :unamused: