Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Alarm set for 1:50, 55, 59am. Sprang out of bed punching my thumbs through the iPhone. Wild maniacal laughter at making it through the onslaught. Success…

Result: x1 extremely weirded out and pissed off spouse

Result: x1 sexy new iPhone



Excellent! I found the process to be even smoother this year (I’m on the IUP). I was done in a matter of minutes and have two iPhones and an Apple Watch en route!

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I honestly did not even think of a trade in. Thanks for letting us know :+1:

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I’m super excited as well it feels like Christmas :grin:

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IKR!?!?!?!?! The option for delivery was hilarious. I’ma bust all up in my Apple Store on launch day!

Sweet! I’m still thinking about the watch… Which one did you get?

The process though was a LOT easier than in past.

I ended up getting the 44mm aluminum space grey cellular model. I was conflicted between cellular vs WiFi. I’m not convinced I’ll use the cellular feature that much but knew if I didn’t try for a few months I’d regret it and wonder. Who knows - I may end up loving that extra bit of connectivity as a safety feature when running/biking.

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