Can’t wait for new stuff 😬

I’m starting to feel like a kid waiting on Christmas to get here! I want Big Sur and especially want my new ARM MacBook. #stompingfeet #bringit #canhardlystandit


AirPods Studio is the one I’m having a hard time waiting for. Secondarily Big Sur.

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I want the updated Paperless field guide @MacSparky !


I’ve been “off” the rumour sites for quite a while now, but the new Macs have got me looking again, even though I’m definitely not getting one this year.

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My shipping group is next up for the reMarkable 2 I ordered months and months ago, before it was released. I should have it now by mid-November.

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That looks really cool. How does its cloud work? I use devonthink and wonder how the workflow to keep it all together would work.

I’ll know more soon, but for now I think Steve Z’s review is pretty comprehensive:

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yup, with ARM right about the corner I’ll have some cleaning to do, specially my huge radeon eGPU

Ahaha I completely agree!
I want an

  • ARM Macbook (Pro optional)
  • With a scissor keyboard (pretty please)
  • And integrated LTE

Is that too much, Santa? :grin:


I’m intrigued. Love the idea but I think i’ll just stick with paper. There’s something about having multiple pieces of paper laid out when I’m taking notes or thinking.

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Big sur is great. Can’t wait for Apple silicon too !



Go get Big Sur. Using it at work since beta 2. Stable enough and a great look:)


After more reports of delays on the over-ear headphones, I literally couldn’t wait. I ordered a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4s (Amazon has a really good price at the moment).

LOL perfectly reasonable :santa: I can live without LTE though since tethering works so good.

#are #there #eve #too #many #? :joy: