Can you assign a keypress to automatic focus the searchbar?

Hi guys!

I just got an idea, and I can’t figure out if it’s possible so I thought I would ask all you wizards of tech!

Is there any way to assign a button or keyboard shortcut to automatically focus on the search bar in whatever app has focus at the time of the button press (Given that the app in question has a search bar)?


I assume you mean MacOS, but just to clarify; which platform / OS did you have in mind? :smiley:

In many web browsers, Cmd-K will take you there. Cmd-L will take you to the location bar, which these days often double as a search bar too.

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Command+F is pretty universal. If an app doesn’t have it or uses something goofy, you can assign it yourself in System Preferences.

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Do you mean the search bar under Help in any app - to be able to search through the menus of that app?

Oh, I missed the tag, yes i mean MacOS!

Generally, what cmd+ F does it to search the current view, for example, if I hit cmd+f in OmniFocus i can search in all text showing in my inbox at the moment, but not anywhere else in the system.

I mean the programs individual search bar, not the help one. I added some pictures from OmniFocus and Spark to show what i mean 2221

Maybe the best thing is to change the keyboard shortcuts in all my individual systems and remember to do it on all new applications!

Thought so :smiley:

In your case - the current use case, anyway - I’d agree with @JohnAtl
I’d set the shortcut in System Settings if the app doesn’t use CMD+F by default :+1: