Can you search Apple Notes on iOS?

I’ve found several references that show how to search Apple notes, but none seem to work with the current version of Notes on ios13 on my iPhone.

Can any of you search through your notes ?

If so, how?


@tonycapp Are you wanting to use the search function in Apple Notes, and asking how to do it?

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That’s the problem, there is no search button visible to me.

I should say that the Find icon is available in the share sheet for any given note, but I cannot see anything that allows search all notes on iOS.

When you land inside Notes after opening it, gently “pull down”/“scroll down” on the main page.
This will reveal the search bar, allowing you to enter text that you wish to look for, and specify where you want to search.

It will also offer you suggested searches, that could make it easier.
Hope is helps?


My screen looks different than yours, not sure why. Dragging down doesn’t do it for me.

First select a folder – should’ve made that clear. So, select the “All iCloud” folder, and when you are viewing that folder, then pull down to search.

Ok, I see the search bar now.

You actually need to be inside a folder before the search bar is visible. You can’t search all folders- Like the view in the screenshot that I posted. Once you go inside a folder, only then will the search box be visible when you drag down.

Thanks for your help.

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iOS spotlight search should work too, avoiding the need to go in a folder.

Does anybody know how to search within a folder? I can search all accounts or current account but would like to limit the scope to a folder.

I’d like to be able to search within a single note. ⌘F does it for Notes on the Mac, but there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent on iOS. I’ve got some notes that are hundreds of lines long.

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Tape the share button, then Find in Note.


Now that’s intuitive! :smiley: