Cana 2017 vintage iPad run iPadOS 16.1.1

I have a 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 inch A1701 and it seems to be running very very slow, I highlight text and then count to four before the option to copy cut pops up.

I’m not sure if that’s just the way it will work with the most recent iPadOS or would it be worth troubleshooting to find out why?

Short of just reinstalling it from scratch I’m not sure exactly how to troubleshoot an iPad.

I don’t see any of the new iPad models that I would like to buy, primarily due to the fact that the front facing camera is on the left side on the pro models and I would like to get the Apple Pencil 2 which is not supported on the regular iPad.

I am considering getting last year’s model while I wait for something I really want.

Should I just try and limp along with what I have and wait for new systems for next year or just get the latest least expensive iPad while I wait?

Here is the list of iPads and iPhones that can run i*OS 16.