Can't create new folders in Outlook

I recently added a couple IMAP business accounts to Outlook for Mac. When I try to add subfolders, the option to add a new folder is greyed out. Anyone have success fixing this issue?

It appears I am not the only one: Redirecting

It’s a major bug. Can’t create/update/delete folders. Also can’t drag email from one email account in Outlook to another.

Has been ongoing for a year or more at this point.

I’ve even used inside contact at Microsoft and had email exchanges with Outlook engineers.

They confirm the problem, are very polite, but never give any ETA on fixing.

Keep publicizing/escalating - only greater visibility by the press or top management might help.

Fortunately, my IMAP accounts are in Fastmail, so I use the web interface for Fastmail as a workaround to do folder management in Outlook, but very frustrating.

FWIW: I still use Outlook because they a font display size setting that allows me to see emails with a font size that isn’t super tiny on my iMac or Mac Studio Display. (That command is for display only; macOS email font command sends actual very large text; no equivalent - otherwise I would have switched to Mac built-in email client.)

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