Can't find my password for Gmail even though I'm able to check mail

By some reason I suddenly can’t login to with my Gmail account. I can however still check mail with same account.
Checking the password in Keychain gives that it’s not that password.
I have stumbled upon this problem before – Ie Mail accounts that obviously works but the password seems incorrect.
Since Mail can access the Gmail account, where can I find the correct password?

Are you looking for your password for or the password for They are two different things. You cannot use your Gmail password for

Password recovery for Gmail or Google accounts is explained here

Thanks Quorm,

However that is not correct. I have the same account for our Google Workspace as my Gmail account.

The other administrator changed my password earlier today so I could login correctly. And as soon as he changed the password, Apple Mail wanted the new updated password.

Maybe we are talking about different things?

Nevertheless, I still can’t find out where the Mail password is stored.