Can't get returned MacBook off Device list

I purchased a used/Open Box MacBook Pro from my local Best Buy. Started setting it up, signing into iCloud, and Messages (honestly can’t remember for sure). Next morning decided to return it for a different one. Got in a hurry, and I factory reset it the new way (through System Preferences - “Erase All Content and Settings” - see here: How to Factory Reset a MacBook, iPhone, iPad or AirPods)

However, now the returned one is still on my Devices list that shows up on any of my iCloud devices (iPads, iPhone, new MacBook). I have gone through the steps to remove it, but it persists. I have gone to to remove it – it temporarily goes away but when I sign out and then back in again, it re-populates (this last happened when on the phone with Apple Support - I was so excited when it worked the first time I didn’t sign out and back in to check before thanking them and hanging up. Also they generally say it can take “a day or so” to settle).

I am kicking myself for not meticulously being sure I signed out of iCloud, Messages, etc., before erasing the machine and returning it. Is there anything I can do now to force remove it from the list? Should I be concerned that the machine remains out there in the wild while it’s still on my iCloud device list?

P.S. FYI - it has been successfully removed from the Find My App at least, but it remains on my iCloud device list.

You have done all you can without having physical access to that MBP. Not wanting to kick you any harder than you have done already… be patient and check again in a few days.

The next owner will not have access to your info, but may have to jump thru some hoops to get it set up for themselves.

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Update! Happy to report that, after about the 400th time in the last 48 hours, I was able to successfully get the returned MacBook removed from my iCloud! More likely, maybe the change was in queue all along and it just took this long to update. In any event, nice to get it off, and hopefully this will make things smoother for its next owner.